I Made a Film!

Hey, since the end of last year I have been working on a short film for my college course. Now that it is finished I thought I would share it with you guys. Keep in mind that this is my first film so it’s not going to be amazing but I am pretty proud of […]

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The X-Men Films Ranked

Recently I decided to binge watch the entire x-men franchise and I did it in a couple of days. Before this I had never seen any of the movies but I had read some of the comics so I wasn’t going in completely blind. Here are my thoughts on the best and worst of the […]

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My Thoughts On Iron Man 2

So we are now on week 3 of the MCU re-watch which means this week we are focusing on Iron Man 2. This was one of the few films that I had not watched before starting this so I went in completely blind with no expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just like last week […]

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