My Favourite Bands

This is going to be the first post on my blog which is not about films, although films are my number one passion I also have some other hobbies which I will be writing about occasionally on this blog too and one of them is music. Now my taste is very indie as you are about to find out but I don’t really mind listening to anything as long as it sounds somewhat like the person who made it had some passion. So I am now going to tell you three of my favourite bands, why I like them and I’ll also link to a couple of their songs I think you should listen to.

The Wombats


Trying to describe The Wombats style is difficult as it is constantly changing, they started off as a very fidgety rock group sounding somewhat like the early Arctic Monkeys albums. Then through their next two albums they moved away from this sound and went into a more synth based style and now in their upcoming album they are moving to a more natural sound with less synth.

I love this band because of every song is just so catchy and the lyrics are amazing. Here are few I think that you should check out:

Let’s Dance To Joy Division is off of their first album and is an amazingly fast paced song. Greek Tragedy and The English Summer are two of their more synth influenced songs and Lemon To A Knife Fight is their newest song returning to a more natural sound.


Arctic Monkeys


If there is one thing I love about Arctic Monkeys its the fast paced songs that they are able to pull of flawlessly, they are the one band who I desperately want to see live. I prefer their first two albums to the other ones but they is more of a personal preference as the other ones are still really good.

Here are a few songs I think you should check out:


Nothing But Thieves


Nothing But Thieves are my favourite band of all time, I went to see them live a couple of weeks ago and it was mental. They are even better than they are on the recordings and Connors voice is god-like, also everyone there was just so friendly and when they played Amsterdam at the end I had one man even put his arm around me and we jumped around together to the song. Unlike the previous bands on this list I love every single one of their songs and probably listen to their full list of songs at least once every day. Here are some of my favourite ones:


Tell me your favourite bands in the comments and don’t forget to like and follow my blog.


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