My Thoughts On The Open House (Spoilers)

Netflix is steadily becoming a huge player in the movie bushiness, with films like Annihilation, Mute and The Cloverfield Paradox all being pretty popular films by talented directors. However, alongside those films you also get many many films of varying quality, it seems like Netflix will just pick up any old shit nowadays and throw it on the service just for the sake of having more movies to make the service looks fuller.

One such movie is The Open House starring Dylan Minnette, who you may recognise from the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, and Piercey Dalton who makes what I can only assume is her feature film debut. These two actors are great in the movie and there relationship is believable and probably the best thing about the movie.

Here is what I wrote (on Letterboxd) about The Open House directly after watching the film:

I’m sorry what was that ending? Everything was built up perfectly for a whodunit situation but nothing was revealed. We end up not even knowing who the killer even is, which I don’t normally mind but if you are going to set something up at least have a payoff.

One theory which I am now going to believe as true is that Martha’s husband was the plumber who came into the house to fix the boiler and he was the killer. He said that he had been at the house before and also was very quick to give the excuse that Martha had Alzheimer. It would also make sense as Martha says that she was at the open house with her husband and then goes back on it almost immediately and she is also outside the house at the beginning of the film doing something suspicious. The killer also had the same kind of build as the plumber.

Some things were set up OK, him wearing the glasses had a good pay off in the end with the actually clever killer taking them out and having him run away without them impairing his vision. They set up him running in the film but in the end it kind of had no use as anyone could have been tired out and needing a drink after running along time surely if you are going to have someone be a runner and you know the end is going to involve a lot of running then have them be a long distance runner so use that to escape the man. And if you want him to die then don’t have him leave the house.

In the end The Open House was full with potential but it never really lived up to that. If they hadn’t made it so that everyone was guessing who the killer was then maybe we could have all been fine with it being a nobody who just did it for fun.

I give The Open House 2 Stars out of 5


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