Our Thoughts On The Meg

To be honest, I did not have high hopes when entering the cinema to watch this film but at the same time I knew what I was getting myself into, and thankfully so did the people who made this movie. Not once does this movie present itself as a serious film (unlike many of the various shark movies that have spawned from the SyFy channel) and that is its saving grace and honestly what makes it an enjoyable film to watch.

I went to see this film with my mum and she has typed up a spoiler filled review that will come after mine, so if you are interested in that then read on after my review. However, if you want no spoilers then I will leave a warning so you know when to click off of the article.


The Meg follows a team of oceanic experts as they team up to take on a megalodon who has recently resurfaced from the very deep depths of the ocean.

I feel like Jason Statham has perfected the over the top macho character and can now do it in his sleep. The way he pulls it off here perfectly fits with the campy feel of the movie and adds to the charm as he humorously reacts to these hellish situations in the most calm way allowing for comedic moments when he just brushes off what should be some mentally damaging moments. But it is not only Statham who helps to bring the campy nature of the film to life, the whole cast of characters have fairly shoddy acting very reminiscent of the 80s horror films that I love so much like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. You can tell that none of them took the role to seriously and that everyone on set was just having a great time filming a ridiculous movie.

The plot is predictable but really what did you expect from a film about a megaladon, if it was any more complex than it is I feel like the campy nature would be destroyed as the usual traits which allows for stereotypical acting tropes would no longer be there and the cast would have much less to work with when it comes to creating the correct atmosphere. However, one thing that really brings this film to life is the CGI, of course with this being a Hollywood movie they had a pretty sizeable budget. This allowed them to bring the megalodon to life and create what I believe is probably the best shot of the movie, when the shark comes crashing through a beach packed to the brim with people. (As pictured above) One thing that this film also has an abundance of is jump scares, normally I am not the biggest fan of them as I feel like it is lazy film making but seeming as this film is almost a love letter to the type of films that use them it seems to fit. Also, as you will read later on my mum fell for pretty much everyone which made me love them even more.

This film also hold back no punches with the death count, I am not going to spoil anything here but trust me there will be people who you think are going to be safe because of their role in plot but trust me, no is safe.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to have a fun cinema experience without having to put too much thought into what you are watching. I would also recommend it to anyone, like myself, who loves the strange disaster movies which are shown on SyFy and want to see what would happen if they were to make it into a high budget Hollywood movie

Before we continue with the next review I just want to let you guys know that this blog will be restarting now, I am really sorry for the long break that this blog has had but I feel like I am ready to start writing reviews again. Over the coming weeks I will be writing lots of reviews about the film that I have missed reviewing in 2018. I hope you guys will continue to support the blog and everything that I write in the future.


This is a monster movie with an environmental message. It has the jump scares (all of which I fell for) and big monster eating people in the sea which we go to the cinema for, but it also tries to show what happens when we mess with the natural order of things. Humans always end up destroying everything.

The story starts with a botched rescue mission that sends Jason Statham to Thailand and finding sanctuary in bottles of beer. He is called back into service when an expedition to discover a new marine world deep under the Mariana Trench beneath a thermal layer goes terribly wrong and Jason Statham is the only man who has the experience to save them.  The botched mission allows the Megalodon to escape by heating up the thermal layer. There is then much suspension and tension with man against shark killing machine. Man does eventually win but there is much sympathy in this film for the shark. A school of sharks is found floating by some destroyed fishing boats. You assume the Meg has killed them all but the sharks all have their fins cut off and were killed by poachers, all for a bowl of soup as explained by Marine biologist Minway Zhang played by Winston Chao.  The fishing boats being destroyed seems justified by what the poachers were doing. Yeah one back for the sharks!

There is an underlying romance between Jason Statham and top scientist Suyin played by Li Bingbing.  Suyin’s daughter Meiying is a very sweet 8 year old who knows far more than the adults, she steals your heart along with a yorkshire terrier who goes for a swim off a wedding boat off a beach on the Sanya Bay in the Chinese mainland and gets the biggest cheer in the cinema for surviving The Meg attack.

The Meg is eventually stopped and man wins over shark but not everybody just wants to blow it to bits because they can.  It is a monster movie which tries to show how man is the biggest threat to the environment. Humans use and abuse Sharks and do much more damage than any prehistoric shark killing machine can do to man.

It is cheesy, Jason Statham is the muscled up action hero who falls in love with the brainy and beautiful scientist with the help of her cute daughter.  Loyalty and friendship is put to the test by the shark and loved ones are lost. The rich sponsor of the marine base double crosses the crew and gets his inevitable just deserts.  This said though it is an entertaining and thought provoking evening at the cinema.



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