My Thoughts on The Nun

I have a soft spot in my heart for films in general, making it difficult for me to really dislike and not enjoy a film, but it is with horror films that I find myself having an even softer spot. Seriously, sit me down in front of the crappiest horror film you can find and I bet you I will still find away to somehow enjoy it. So this film was right up my ally from the first trailer I saw, for me the worst case scenario was that it would be bad but I would still get a few laughs and enjoy it in a so bad its good kind of way. But honestly this film did not go that low, as many people claim it to be. It perfectly met my expectations, in no way succeeding or preceding them, but meeting them nonetheless.

I really enjoyed the technical aspect of the film, some of the shots were gorgeously disturbing and everything looked so perfect. I even enjoyed the shot in which The Nun came out of the water which many people seemed to laugh at. Now, I agree that this could have distracted me somewhat from the weak plotline but honestly it didn’t bother me too much. There was nothing there to write home about but it was suitable enough for the type of film we are watching. No I am not saying that every horror film should not try and make an engaging story, but really when it comes to this type of film you are there for the scares and not for the Oscar nominated screenplay (although it would have been nice) I also thought that whilst the scares were often repetitive and predictable, the atmosphere that it created through the sound, the slow building cinematography and the great performances by many of the main characters was enough to keep me on edge and constantly look around to see if the nun was hiding in the cinema somewhere.

So, as you can imagine, I came out of this film feeling like I didn’t just waste an hour and a half of my life. But my friends did, I was confused and I had to reflect back on what possibly made them feel this way… and in some ways I agree with them.

The character of Frenchie ruins the atmosphere that I talked about earlier so many times during this film that they almost have to clammer to quickly build it back up for the next predictable jumpscare. Is it really worth it to break your extremely well built up atmosphere for some stupid joke which barely gets a chuckle. Not every film released needs to be an exact copy of Marvel, yes they do extremely well with the formula that they have crafted, but that does not mean that you can come along and steal it for a movie in a completely differnet genre trying to portray a completely different tone

It also does not help when you get people into the comedy mood and then try to throw something super serious at them. This film just needed to decide what it wanted to be, a marvel movie with some jumpscares or a serious attempt at building the conjuring universe. Sadly, it decided that it wanted to be both which gave of a confusing atmosphere allowing people in the cinema around me to laugh at moments which the film makers obviously intended to be horrifying or breathtaking.

Going back to talking about the story line, I am sitting here right now a couple days after seeing the film and I am struggling to decipher exactly what happened. This is not the greatest sign when the one thing I can remember from your film is someone rising out of the water and not the exact plot. So, I went to google to refresh myself on the plot and I have some points that I want to make about it. It is so tedious, we have seen the exact same thing happen a million times before, even in movies in the exact same franchise. Oh no, someone / somewhere has been possessed let go stop that from happening. That is the plot of this movie and although it is a tried and tested formula I feel like they could have been a bit more experimental when it came to how it was delivered.

And this leads me to another point which I have seen many people make online, the nun just wasn’t that scary in this film. She just pops her head out to say hello a couple times and the leaves. If she was truly the demon that the films says she is then she could have killed them multiple times over and over by the time they finally stop her. But instead she just kind of appears and the leaves. There is a much scarier version of the film out there and it is called The Conjuring 2.

Now I know it may seem like I went on a bit of rant at the end there but honestly it is just because I want modern horror films to succeed and seeing something pretty bland is really annoying, even if I really enjoy it. I know I would enjoy it more if it tried something new. Of course not all modern horror films are like this but this is a prime example of the sorry state that the majority of them are now in.

I plan on writing a lot more on horror films that are either going to be released or that have been released this year as it is a genre that I am really passionate about.

I recommend that you go and watch this film if you are interested in The Conjuring universe or if you want to kill and hour of a half with some good entertainment.


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