My Thoughts on Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare follows a group of college students who play a game of Truth or Dare whilst on holiday in Mexico, only to realise that people with really wide grins will kill them if they don’t do what they are told.


Personally, I did not find these ‘messed up snapchat filter faces’, as everyone likes to call them, particularly scary at all. Instead I just laughed whenever I saw one because they reminded me of the whole rape face meme that use to be quite popular back in 2012. A scene involving this face which made me laugh the hardest was the one where our main character, Olivia, accidentally says a huge secret in the middle of  a Library. The amount of these faces suddenly running toward her had the exact opposite effect on me then I feel like the creators intended… and so did the whole film in general. Sure there were moments of slight tension, but overall I just found my self laughing at some of the bad acting or strange use of jumpscares the film decided to utilise. (I’ll talk more about this later) This film is never described as a horror comedy, so I shouldn’t be laughing out loud every couple of minutes. I feel like I just did not care at all for the characters so the events happening to them made me crack up more than make me feel empathy for them, if this was switched and I was really emotionally invested in the characters, then I doubt I would have been laughing as much as I would have been able to overlook some off the other problems the film had. Instead we get the most bland group of stereotypical horror movie characters that you could ever dream up. Seriously, if you have not watched this movie think of a group of 6 characters who you see in every single horror movie. If you guessed: three girls, two slutty ones and one who cares more about her academics and/or is shy and three boys, two ripped and handsome ones and a nerdy one on the side. Then you would be correct. I had to google the name of the main character when writing up this post and I had only watched the film less than an hour ago, that just tells you how forgettable the characters are. They add nothing to the story and they could all have been easily replaced and nothing would have really changed.

Another reason why the film had me cracking up every couple of minutes was because of the random and strange usage of jumpscares. They were all fake outs, I don’t think there was one single time where the tension building lead to an actual scare that would stick with you. Instead you just got fooled every time which reminded the viewer that they were indeed watching a movie and not being hunted down by this viscous demon thus taking pulling them away from any sort of engagement that they had in the story line. It also builds up a layer of distrust between the audience and the film as we no longer can believe that we see about to attack our main characters is a real threat which means that from then on the jumpscare is no longer as effective. This film, in my eyes, is  one of the worst candidates for this type of behaviour as it starts with a fucking jumpscare. There is a loud boom from the opening credit to the first shot completely ruining any sort of mood that the audience may have gotten themselves in after sitting down, as everyone in the cinema comes alive and giggles at their friend jumping out of the seat. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot before the marathon even starts, at least build up some tension before going into the scares even if they are just mundane jumpscares. Well, at least they are kind enough to let us know what type of film this will be before we even find out anything about the plot.

The most annoying thing about this movie, I feel, is that it is such an awesome idea. It is just awfully executed. I would love to see someone truly capable at making a good horror film have a go a do the concept justice.




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