Hi, I’m Ethan Bayes and welcome to my blog. I write about the films I love and sometimes hate. I currently attend worthing college where I study Digital Media CamTech, Film Studies A Level and History A Level. Here are the subsections that my post can be broken down into:

Film Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed – Pretty self explanitory

I Love – Lengthy posts about films or certain techniques / characters that I love. This also includes the first ever post on this blog and one I am outragesly proud of  ‘I Love Baby Driver

Lists – Counting down everything to do with films.

Re-Watches – Rewatching films from a certain movie studio / franchise leading up to a new release. I am currently doing the MCU starting with Iron Man

Ranking Movies – Ranking movies by a certain director or a franchise. This catergory includes my most viewed post Ranking The Paranormal Activity Films

Reblogs – Posts from other blogs that I really enjoyed and think that others will enjoy too.

My Thoughts On – Talking about films that I just watched and want to discuss my thoughts on.

Reviews – Every single review I have ever done on this blog.

Other – Anything else I want to write about.