My Thoughts on The Nun

I have a soft spot in my heart for films in general, making it difficult for me to really dislike and not enjoy a film, but it is with horror films that I find myself having an even softer spot. Seriously, sit me down in front of the crappiest horror film you can find and […]

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Our Thoughts On The Meg

To be honest, I did not have high hopes when entering the cinema to watch this film but at the same time I knew what I was getting myself into, and thankfully so did the people who made this movie. Not once does this movie present itself as a serious film (unlike many of the […]

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I Love Baby Driver

Hi I’m Ethan Bayes and welcome to my first blog post, today I am going to be talking about one of my favourite movies, Baby Driver.  (Its my banner image) SPOILERS AHEAD Baby Driver is a 2017 film written and directed by Edgar Wright. You may know him for directing such films as Shaun of […]

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